About Us

At Sankhya Analytical Research, we use advanced analytics to help our clients develop and deploy innovative solutions that enable them to make smarter decisions faster.

As business becomes increasingly competitive, we help businesses make better decisions through predictive analytics. We create flexible customized analytic solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our solutions have helped clients efficiently increase customer acquisition, mitigate risks, manage attrition, maximize ROI and increase customer retention. We combine our  domain knowledge in  Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Stock Market, Market Research and the Retail

Our Clients



The last decade has seen a rapid growth in data driven decision making in all sectors of Industry.


Sankhya is committed to bridge the gap between demand and supply for skilled statisticians...


We design and Develop analytics products for business users and data scientists.

Our Team



We are looking for postgraduates from the field of Statistics or Economics, with a strong academic performance. Candidates possessing sound knowledge of multivariate analysis and generalized linear modeling will be preferred. We offer exciting projects to talented statisticians and provide ample opportunities for professional growth. Interested candidates may write to contactus@sankhyaanalytics.com.